Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Full article as it appears in the April 2024 edition of Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) magazine How planning, partnerships, and perspective can help de-risk emerging technologies  Innovating existing processes and approaches often represents a challenge in the justifiably risk-averse culture of water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs). However, during an age in which new threats […]

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2024 Rate Adjustment

Effective April 1, 2024, Four Rivers Sanitation Authority (FRSA) has adjusted user rates for residential, industrial and commercial customers. The average residential customers’ wastewater bill will increase by approximately $1.04 per month for an average monthly rate of $35.74 which equates to a quarterly bill of approximately $107.22 for 18Ccf (or 13,465 gallons) of wastewater […]

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Monthly Utility Billing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why is FRSA switching to a monthly bill cycle? A: We are transitioning to monthly billing to improve our customer service. Our residents have requested monthly billing for several years. Many other freshwater providers have already made this change for their freshwater bills, as it aligns better with customers’ budgeting practices. […]

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Aerobic Granular Sludge Project, Phase 1, Capital Project No. 2207 IEPA Project No. L17-6127

Aerobic Granular Sludge Project, Phase 1 – replace existing Primary Clarifiers 3 and 4 with two (2) new Primary Filter units (PF1 and PF2) and one (1) gravity thickener tank which includes process piping and valving, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation and controls; civil, geotechnical, structural and architectural improvements; and all other necessary appurtenances for a complete, operable system

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The Rock River Water Reclamation District is now Four Rivers Sanitation Authority! website coming in October of 2021! Effective immediately, the Rock River Water Reclamation District has adopted a new name and a new brand! We are now the Four Rivers Sanitation Authority (FRSA). Our new name and logo tell the story. Four Rivers Sanitation Authority protects the watershed that feeds into the Rock, Kishwaukee, Pecatonica and Sugar Rivers.  These four rivers […]

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