Through the Eyes of a Child

In 2020 and 2021, Rock River Reclamation District undertook a research-driven strategic re-branding process to become Four Rivers Sanitation Authority. Research showed our old name and logo (and our then-antiquated website) contributed to a lack of understanding among citizens about the critical nature of what we do and why it is so important to life in the vast region we serve, a region consisting four treasured watersheds: the Rock, Pecatonica, Kishwaukee and Sugar. In this video, we invite you to rediscover Four Rivers Sanitation Authority through the eyes of a child … several children, in fact, in their mission to learn more.  Along the way, you’ll meet and understand the importance of trillions of microorganisms called “bugs,” whose critical, ancient role in the sanitation process is at the core of what we do. Let’s go! 

Enhancing Sustainability via Biosolids Process & Power Cogeneration

At Four Rivers Sanitation Authority, we are proud environmentalists in service of citizens – and all creatures, great and small. From street-level sanitation crews to our plant’s technicians and scientists to our administrative staff, we all care deeply about our core mission of efficiently returning fresh, clean water to the environment. Did you know we cogenerate enough methane-based power to meet 70% of our own treatment plant’s energy needs? Even the heat from our sophisticated cogeneration engines is converted to energy to save our customers money and lessen our carbon footprint. We produce and share safe biosolids fertilizers with local farmers and more. Viewing this video, you’ll learn how we work as efficiently and cleanly as possible for maximum positive impact on the environment. You’re guaranteed to learn something about the world around (and below) you. 


Understanding Our Community Impact

Four River Sanitation Authority not only keeps you, your family and our environment safe, but the organization plays a critical role in our regional economic development processes. For generations, as a major employer, good careers at Four Rivers have supported families all across the communities we serve. From an economic development perspective, we are in the business of encouraging business growth – safely. We want to solve problems before they block dreams. Our Four Rivers office is on the first-call list for nearly all businesses that wish to locate or expand in the communities we serve – as well as the government units that help facilitate such growth. Join us in this video exploration of Four Rivers Sanitation Authority’s impact on the communities we serve. 

Wastewater Treatment Process and Science

A vast network of more than 1,000 miles of underground wastewater piping quietly winds below the streets of our region, delivering wastewater to our vast 64-acre Kishwaukee Street processing facility. Once onsite, the wastewater undergoes a complex multi-stage cleansing process in which gravity and microbiology are the heroes (along with an important assist from chemistry). In this video, we share the fascinating science and mechanics of our process every step of the way, from the wastewater’s input through the Main Pumping Station to its remarkably clarified return via the Outfall Diffuser to our treasured Rock River. Join us and take a detailed tour of our plant as wastewater makes its circuitous journey back to the environment as fresh, clean water.