Do You Have a Well?

When a person buys a house, they need to find out which water department will service their home from the realtor, plumber, or previous owner. This water department will then supply FRSA with your water consumption readings which will be used in calculating your bill.  

Some dwellings are served by a well rather than receiving their water from a public water utility.  This means that FRSA cannot use your reported water consumption when calculating your bill.  If you have a well that isn’t already metered, you may want to consider getting a well meter installed. 

FRSA bills non-metered well customers based on an average of all single-family residential accounts. This may or may not reflect your sewer usage.  FRSA can bill for your true water consumption by using a well meter. A well meter client is charged a $12 quarterly fee for the meter as well as actual metered water usage. The advantages of a well meter include invoicing based on real water consumption and the ability to take advantage of the summer discount.

FRSA customers can install their own Itron compatible well meter and be charged a $8 dollar quarterly meter read fee.

Itron Meter Compatibility Guide

Please use the Well Letter Form if you have a well and are interested in having a meter installed.