Residential Sewer Services

Is Sewer Available in my Area?

To find out if sewer is available to a particular property or area, people can use the Sewer Inquiry Form. Typical users are consultants, realtors, and homeowners not served by sanitary sewer and prospective property buyers. Results of completing this form are varied and include:

  • No, service is not available, and there are no plans to extend service at this time.
  • No service currently, but could be extended to the site.
  • Yes, service is available. In this case, information would be provided to the person submitting the form including what money (if any) would be payable to Four Rivers prior to connection, and what the new homeowner needs to do to get sewer to the house.

Starting Sewer Services

If you are purchasing a new property, you will complete a transfer document as a part of the closing process. FRSA will update the account to the new owner’s name when the transfer document is received. You may also want to contact Customer Service at 815-387-7500 to confirm that your new account is active.

If you are not going through a closing process, or if you are assuming responsibility for billing for a property, call Four Rivers Sanitation Authority Customer Service at 815-387-7500 to start your sewer services.

Stopping Sewer Services

If you are selling a property, Four Rivers Sanitation Authority would have completed a final bill for your title company. Once the appropriate transfer documents have been received and your final bill has been paid, Four Rivers Sanitation Authority will terminate your account.  

If you are no longer responsible for the sewer billing at a property, contact Customer Service at 815-387-7500 to close your account.

Have an Economic Hardship?

We offer payment plans and some assistance for users that can prove economic hardship. Users that are struggling to meet their financial obligations with Four Rivers Sanitation Authority are encouraged to contact Customer Service at 815-387-7500.

Do You Have a Well?

When a person is purchasing a home, they need to find out from the realtor, plumber, or previous owner which water department will service their home. Some homes are not serviced by a water department, but by a well.

If you have a well that is not already metered, you may want to consider having a well meter installed. Four Rivers Sanitation Authority bills customers with non-metered wells based on an average of all single family residential accounts.  The use of a well meter allows FRSA to bill for actual water usage.  A customer with a well meter is billed a $12 quarterly fee for the meter plus actual metered water usage. The benefits of a well meter include billing based on actual water usage and the possibility of taking advantage of the summer discount.

Please use the Well Letter Form if you have a well and are interested in having a meter installed.