Credit Meter Program

What is the Credit Meter Program?

Sometimes all water used does not go down the drain to the sanitary sewer. The use of a credit meter allows Four Rivers Sanitation Authority to credit customers for water that does not go to the sewer. Activities that contribute to non-returnable water include, but are not limited to:

  • Lawn watering
  • Garden watering
  • Filling pools
  • Car washing

Four Rivers has developed a process to install and automatically read residential credit meters. Please keep in mind that the Credit Meter Program is only available to metered water services

Program Options

Residential customers currently have two program options through Four Rivers Sanitation Authority.

Four Rivers Sanitation Authority’s Summer Usage Period Discount Program

Simply do nothing and use the Four River’s Summer Usage Period Discount Program – this is the default option. FRSA considers that some of the water used by a resident during the summer is used for swimming pools, watering gardens, and other activities that do not necessarily flow into the sewage system. The discount is calculated as the difference between your typical winter consumption and your average summer usage. 

Credit Meter Program

Pay a quarterly fee (amount of fee is based upon meter size) for a credit meter and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) head.  The benefits of having a Four Rivers residential credit meter include:

  1. Your residential credit meter is automatically and accurately read
  2. The residential credit meter is installed and maintained by Four Rivers Sanitation Authority 
  3. Install your own Itron Compatible Meter and pay a smaller quarterly read fee


If you have questions regarding the Credit Meter Program, use the contact form on this page or check out our Credit Meter Program FAQ.

Join the Credit Meter Program

If you’re interested in having a credit meter installed, kindly use the Credit Meter Form below.

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Credit Meters must be Itron Compatible Meters to be included in the Credit Meter Program click the link below for the compatibility guide for meter selection.

Itron Compatibility Guide

Residential Credit Meter Options