Billing & Accounts

How do I pay my bill?

  • Visit our Pay My Bill page for a convenient, online payment option.  
  • Call Customer Service (815) 387-7500 to pay by credit card
  • Mail your check or money order to FRSA-Payments: 3501 Kishwaukee St Rockford IL 61109-2053
  • Pay in person at the Four Rivers Administrative building located at 3501 Kishwaukee Street. The walk-up window is located in the lobby. The drive-through and the after-hours drop boxes are located on the south side of the building adjacent to the drive-through lane or immediately to the left of the main entrance.

Are there any convenience fees assessed to customers using the portal?

  • Not at this time

Can I just make a payment without creating a username/password?

When is my payment credited to my account?

  • Payments may take up to 24 hours to reflect on the account

How much notice do I have to give you to stop auto-payments?

  • Auto-payments can be canceled at any time prior to your due date by logging into your online account. If you have a pending payment, you must first cancel the payment before you can cancel the Auto-Payment setup.

I forgot my password for my online account. How do I reset it?

  • Visit our online billing site and click on the “Forgot Your Password?” prompt to receive an email with directions to update your password.

Can I set up multiple accounts? Can I access them under one log-in and password?

  • Yes.  Check the account management settings on your online account then click on the “Add New Account” prompt.  All accounts are the responsibility of the property owner.

How do I get a payment plan for my bill?

  • Contact our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500 to request more information.

Are there late payment penalties?

  • A 10% penalty is added to all unpaid balances of the bill.

How do I get a refund?

  • Refunds can be requested by contacting our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500.

Is there a way to estimate my bill?

Can I pay my special assessment early?

  • Yes. Please call customer service at 815-387-7500 to arrange an early payment. 

When am I invoiced for my special assessment?

  • Special assessment invoices are sent in December of every year and are due by January 2nd.

Can I ask for a payment plan for my special assessment?

  • Yes. We do allow a payment plan for special assessments. Payments may be spread over a maximum of (10) equal annual installments with simple annual interest on the unpaid balance. 

My current septic system is failing. How do I request that my property receive sewer services?

  • Please call the Engineering Department at 815-387-7662.

Are there anticipated upcoming sewer rate increases?

  • Sewer rates are reviewed annually for adjustment.  New rates are published in February and go into effect on April 1st.


How do I determine if I have a metered or non-metered account?

  • Most customers who receive water from a local municipality or water district are on a meter.  If you have a question about your meter, please contact your provider directly. Customers who are on a well system, should contact our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500 or review their bill for the additional meter charge.

How do I dispute my sewer bill?

  • Contact our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500.

How are non-metered accounts billed?

  • Non-metered accounts are billed based on the average usage of like properties.  Customers who wish to request a meter installation in order to ensure a more accurate bill may contact  Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500.

How are metered accounts billed?

  • Metered accounts are billed based on their consumption as reported on the meter.


Are there exemptions for Not-For-Profits?

  • No.

How do I change the name on an account when a property has been transferred or is going to be transferred?

  • If your property closing is managed by a title agency, the Final Bill for the previous owner and a clear water test completion form for the new owner are a part of the process.  The completion of these documents at your closing notifies us that the name on the account is to be changed.
  • If your property is transferred via another method, contact our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500.

I received a letter stating that my meter is running continuously, what does this mean?

  • It means that you may have a leak.  We recommend you check for leaks at the property and contact your local water provider.  You can download our Leak Adjustment form and submit a request if a leak is found and repaired.

What should I do if my water has been shut-off for non-payment of my Four Rivers Sanitation Authority bill?

  • Contact our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500 to make a payment and to schedule a reconnect  Reconnections are contingent upon full payment of your bill, plus any late fees and connection charges or your ability to qualify for a payment plan.  Properties that have had their water disconnected may be condemned by your local health department.

How do I change my mailing address?

  • Contact our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500.

Can a tenant have the sewer bill put in their name?

  • No.  All sewer bills are in the name of the property owner.  

Does filing bankruptcy relieve me of outstanding utility charges?

  • We recommend you discuss the bankruptcy process with an attorney.

How do I remove my name from an account for a property lost in foreclosure?

  • Contact our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500 to discuss your options.

How do I obtain a Payoff Letter or a Lien Release?

  • Contact our Customer Service team at (815) 387-7500.

Will my bill increase as a result of my new water meter?

  • New meters will result in more accurate readings of your consumption.  This may reflect savings on your bill or it may reflect an increase in your bill.  The change in your bill will be an outcome of your consumption habits.

My bill is higher than last year at this same time of year. Why?

  • The change may be a result of changes in your consumption, a rate increase, or a combination of both.  You may also have a leak that is pushing your consumption rate higher than normal. 

I’m selling my home and my realtor has told me I need a completed Clear Water Discharge Inspection Form. Where do I find this form?

  • The clearwater Inspection form is required to be completed before selling or conveying any property to another person or entity. The owner MUST hire a plumber licensed by the State of Illinois to inspect the property and complete the Clearwater Discharge Inspection Form. It usually takes the plumber 15 to 20 minutes to complete an inspection. The form is valid for one year and may be used for future property transfers if the seller shows no changes were made that are illegal.

Why are all these flags or paint marks on my property?

  • Flags on your property indicate that a JULIE locate has been completed.  A green flag and/or a green paint line indicates a sewer line in that area.  Other colors of paint or flags refer to other utilities.

Why do I have to pay to remove parkway tree roots from my sewer line?

  • The property owner is responsible for clearing any blockage in the service line between the home and the sanitary sewer main. This includes clearing debris and tree roots.

Who is responsible for sewer repairs?

  • Individual property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the lines running from houses to the sewer mains. They are also responsible for any repairs needed to correct sewer pipe issues on private property. If Four Rivers Sanitation Authority is made aware of needed repairs to a service within the R.O.W., by a licensed plumber, Four Rivers will repair the service within the R.O.W. The timeframe for repairs is based on its impact to the homeowner, current backlog and available resources. Repairs completed by Four Rivers Sanitation Authority are at no cost to the property owner.

What should I do in the event of flooding?

  • If sewage is backing up call 815-387-7600 and contact a licensed/bonded contractor from the list at the bottom of the Homeowner Tips page, then call 815-387-7600. 
  • This will allow them to determine if the backup is due to an issue in the sewer main and will allow the plumber to contact FRSA for an immediate response. If the sewer main is flowing, the plumber will assist with your service line.
  • Outside drainage issues should be reported to your street department. Flooding caused by leaking foundations/windows or failed sump pumps is the homeowner’s responsibility. 
  • IMPORTANT:  The first thing your contractor should check is the manhole outside of your home.  This step should take place before they attempt to clear your drain.  This will allow them to determine if the backup is due to an issue in the sewer and will allow you to contact FRSA for immediate repair.   

What should not go down my drain?

  • Never, under any circumstances, should you dispose of fats, oils, greases, coffee grounds, food stickers, pieces or chunks of food, paint, cleaning products, car fluids, or medications down your drain. Pouring these items down the drain might cause problems for your household pipes and septic systems in the long term, which is also harmful to our water ecosystems. Despite FRSA’s efforts to remove these items, many of these may still wind up in our rivers and lakes.
  • Outside drainage issues should be reported to your street department. Flooding caused by leaking foundations/windows or failed sump pumps is the homeowner’s responsibility. If sewage is backing up call 815-387-7600 and contact a licensed/bonded contractor from our list at the bottom of the Homeowner Tips page.

What is the Four Rivers Sanitation Authority?

  • The local wastewater treatment facility

Where does all the water go once it is flushed down the toilet or drained from a sink or bathtub?

What river sources provide the water to the Rockford region?

  • Rock, Kishwaukee, Pecatonica, and Sugar Rivers