Since 1926, Four Rivers Sanitation Authority, formerly Rock River Water Reclamation District, has provided innovative, forward-thinking wastewater treatment for 240,000 people in the communities of Rockford, Loves Park, Machesney Park, Roscoe, Cherry Valley, New Milford, Winnebago and a small portion of Rockton. Four Rivers Sanitation Authority operates a network of approximately 1,100-miles of buried sewers that conveys wastewater from industrial sites, commercial businesses and residences to the treatment plant in southeast Rockford. 

From wastewater collection to clean water being released into the Rock River, none of this would be possible without the research, technology, and assistance of our skilled partners.

Aqua-Aerobic –– Aqua-Aerobic Systems and Four Rivers Sanitation Authority have entered into a long-term agreement allowing for Aqua-Aerobics to build an on-site research facility located at FRSA’s central treatment plant. This facility will be used for the purpose of applied research and demonstration of new products. The Four Rivers Sanitation Authority will be able to benefit from the new Research and Technology Center through information sharing and technological developments.

Household Hazardous Waste Through a joint effort between Four Rivers Sanitation Authority, the City of Rockford, and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency area residents are able to dispose of their household hazardous waste. A material is considered hazardous if it’s toxic, flammable, corrosive or an irritant.  Most of these items are products that are used for cleaning, controlling insects, improving plants and grass or for various other home improvement and repair projects. Household hazardous wastes cannot be disposed of at regular trash collection sites; they must be handled safely and disposed of in a manner that will not result in environmental exposure.

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful  –– Four Rivers Sanitation Authority and Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful are working together to keep the area’s water supply safe from unused medications. Each spring Four Rivers co-sponsors the medication collection drive held by Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful. Unfortunately, ninety percent of all unused medications are flushed down the toilet and can become a source of dangerous pollution in wastewater. Because sewage treatment plants are not designed to deal with drugs, these chemicals can be released into streams, lakes, and groundwater where they affect fish and other aquatic wildlife. If medicines are reaching streams, rivers, and lakes, organisms living in these habitats can be continuously exposed to such drugs. Some aquatic organisms living in waters downstream from wastewater treatment plants are showing signs of developmental and reproductive problems. Researchers are working to determine whether pharmaceuticals are causing these effects.

More Partnerships of the FRSA

Partner with City of Rockford, Winnebago County and local communities for economic development.

Illinois Division of Water Pollution: Working together to ensure clean, safe effluent discharge of treated wastewater.

Illinois Department of Energy in conjunction with the Bureau of Clean Air: Ensuring compliance assurance that all emissions of the combined heat and power plant (CHP) are at or below permit limits.

Illinois Department of Weights and Measurements: Ensuring all loads received and delivered into out of the Plant are weighed and invoiced properly.

USEPA Pre-Treatment Programs Region 5: In support of effective Pre-Treatment Programs for industrial users.

NRG Energy: Unitive partnership efforts include, Energy Demand Response/Energy Curtailment Program within the Plant, that results in valuable energy resources savings during high demand periods during the year.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville: Working together to ensure all Illinois Plant Operators receive quality IEPA Certification Training including the Continuing Education Units Program.

The laboratory works with the City of Rockford to monitor storm water runoff and the condition of tributaries discharging to the Rock River.

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