Lab Services

The scientists of our accredited laboratory skillfully test water and sewage for all manner of contaminants. Since 2000, the lab team at Four Rivers Sanitation Authority has done over 60,000 tests per year in drinking and wastewater for solids, biological and chemical oxygen demand, cyanide, nitrogen compounds, anions, heavy metals, oil and grease, and phosphorus. We ensure your water is safe and protects human health and community water systems by using state-of-the-art equipment such as a UV/vis spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, ion chromatograph, and other specialized proprietary equipment.

Four Rivers Sanitation Authority’s laboratory is accredited through the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.

Please note: FRSA does not test well water samples for coliform and nitrates. Please contact the City of Rockford Water Department Laboratory for these analyses. The phone number is 779-348-7151.

Contract Services for Industrial/Commercial Clients

The Laboratory provides analytical services for industrial and commercial clients. All samples must be collected in approved containers and accompanied by a chain of custody form. The links below provide access our Laboratory Flyer and Chain of Custody form.

Please use the form below to request analyses. Laboratory staff will contact you to learn more about project and to ensure we have the capability to analyze your sample(s).

Having your drinking water tested for heavy metals and anions is extremely important, and Four Rivers is certified to perform heavy metals and anion testing on drinking water samples. This includes drinking water lead analysis for schools and daycares. Children are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning because their bodies absorb more lead more easily. Anemia, kidney and brain damage, as well as learning difficulties and stunted development are all potential negative health impacts of lead poisoning.

Contract Services for Childcare & Schools

Four Rivers Sanitation Authority is accredited for drinking water lead analysis. The price for school & childcare lead analysis is $20.00/sample. Each sample site – drinking fountain, sink, etc. – requires two samples. One sample is a “first draw” and a the other is collected after a “30 second flush.”

The links below provide more information on our drinking water lead analysis program.

Please use the form below to request your drinking water lead analysis. We will ship sample bottles, labels, and instructions upon receipt of the request.