Pay My Bill

Four Rivers has made it easier, faster, and safer than ever to pay your wastewater bill online by partnering with eBill. If you already have an account, head over to the online bill pay portal and sign in with your email and password, or if you are new to online bill pay, create a new account here.

Sewer & Well

Looking for information on how to start or stop sewer and well services through the Four River Sanitation Authority for your home? Take a look at our Sewer and Well page below for everything you need to know.

Report a Leak or Sewer Backup

If you’re having issues with your water or sewer service – please inform us immediately. Visit our Report an Issue or Emergency page below to learn more about how to contact the Four Rivers Sanitation Authority in the event of a water or sewer emergency – we’re here 24/7 and eager to help.

Bill Calculator

Want to estimate your bill for next quarter? Four Rivers offers a bill calculator for residential customers to help estimate their future water and sewer bills. Please visit our water bill calculator page below to get an estimate of your bill.

Credit Meter Program

Sometimes all water used does not go down the drain to the sanitary sewer. The use of a credit meter allows Four Rivers Sanitation Authority to credit customers for water that does not go to the sewer. Learn more below!

Lab Services

Four Rivers Sanitation Authority offers a variety of laboratory testing services to residential customers, including lead, heavy metals and anion testing, as well as inorganic wastewater analysis. More information on these laboratory services may be found here:

Do You Have a Well?

When a person buys a house, they need to find out which water department will service their home from the realtor, plumber, or previous owner. Visit our Do You Have a Well? page to learn more.