Sewer Extension

Sanitary sewer extension within the jurisdiction of the District is governed by Title 4 of the District Code of Ordinances.  Sewer extension can be done by private individuals, groups or firms, or by participation in a District Cost-Sharing program.

Private Extension of Sewer

An Applicant wishing to extend public sewer needs to hire a consulting engineer licensed to practice in Illinois. A list of engineering firms that have been active with FRSA in the past two years is available upon request.

The consulting engineer designs the sewer extension and completes the FRSA’s Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Application for Permit and Construction Approval, including all appropriate Schedules.

When reviewed and approved, the Applicant hires a contractor registered and bonded with FRSA to install the sewer.  Additional information can be found at Extension by Private Individual or Firm. 

FRSA Cost-Sharing Program Sewer Extension

If enough property owners in a neighborhood are interested in a project and the cost is not unreasonable, the FRSA Board of Trustees will authorize the project.  Special Assessment projects are financed over a ten (10) year period, currently at 5% interest on the unpaid principal balance.  Projects of this type generally take about 6 months to a year from the start of the process to start of construction. Find additional information at Extension Utilizing FRSA Special Assessment Program.