Industrial / Commercial Permitting

Permit Requirements & Forms

Industrial/Commercial (I/C) Permit Application Process

The Engineering Department is responsible for the I/C Permit Application Process. As part of this process, an I/C Permit is required to be obtained for all industrial and commercial facilities, as well as residential structures with five (5) or more units. Examples of when this permit is required include, but are not limited to, new commercial/industrial construction, building additions, expansions, renovations, demolitions and/or any changes in use, operations, wastewater characteristics, discharge volumes, etc. Depending on the types of wastewater characteristic(s), discharge volume, sanitary main extension(s), etc., additional permitting and approvals may be required.

Prior to performing any sanitary sewer-related plumbing work, the I/C Permit Application must be submitted for review, and all approvals must be obtained. Typical items required to be submitted for this review, include, but are not limited to, an engineered site plan, engineered interior plumbing drawings, engineered wastewater discharge calculations, sampling manhole application/detail and payment of the application review fee. The I/C Permit Application Packet can be found below:

The Sampling Manhole, which is necessary for specific types of commercial and industrial users, is a complement to the I/C Permit Application. Inspection, sampling, and wastewater flow measurement are all possible with the use of sample manholes. The Application is an important part of the standard service connection permit process and can be found within the I/C Permit Application Packet. Please contact Four Rivers Engineering or dial 815-387-7660.

Plumbers, businesses, and consultants frequently request a copy of the I/C Permit Process flowchart to guide them through the steps and requirements. 

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Pretreatment Program

A comprehensive pretreatment program was mandated by the Clean Water Act of 1972 to limit industrial emissions into public sewage systems. These initiatives are required to avoid significant issues that may arise as a result of the discharge of hazardous industrial pollutants into our environment. To fulfill federal requirements and protect Four Rivers’ collection system and treatment facilities, Industrial Waste Surveillance (IWS) runs a federally certified pretreatment program. Those starting a new business or making changes to their current business plans must meet the conditions as appropriate to their industry. Required IWS permitting forms and requirements can be found in Forms & Permits. If you have further questions, call 815-387-7640 or send an email to Industrial Waste Surveillance

Report an Issue or Emergency

To Report an Industrial spill or accidental discharge Four Rivers should be notified immediately by telephone at (815) 387-7455 (38-SPILL). Industrial Users reporting a spill or accidental discharge are also required to complete the Accidental Spill Report form within five (5) days of the spill. The completed form can be sent to