Monthly Utility Billing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is FRSA switching to a monthly bill cycle?

A: We are transitioning to monthly billing to improve our customer service. Our residents have requested monthly billing for several years. Many other freshwater providers have already made this change for their freshwater bills, as it aligns better with customers’ budgeting practices. A monthly cycle will also help customers identify potential water leaks more quickly, preventing inflated bills due to leaks.

Q: Will this change cause a rate increase?

A: No, we did not increase our rates to implement this program.

Q: When is my bill moving from quarterly to monthly?

A: Four Rivers Sanitation Authority is transitioning from a quarterly billing cycle to a monthly billing cycle for sewer bills beginning in September 2024 for Rockton, Winnebago, and Well customers.  For the City of Rockford customers, the transition will begin in December, and be completed in February. The transition will start in December and January for Cherry Valley and Utilities Inc. customers.  North Park customers and Loves Park customers will continue on their respective billing cycles.

Q: “Why are there so many transition dates?”

A: FRSA serves 250,000 customers and 77,000 accounts.  Your freshwater provider, that entity that sends potable water to your home or business for you to use in bathing, cooking, or drinking, sends us your consumption data to factor into your sewer bill. Generally, your sewer bill is calculated based on the amount of water you use, multiplied by the cost of treating the water so that we can return clean water to the river.  We receive consumption data from four villages, two cities, and two water utilities; all of which reflect the diversity in our service area.  

The timing of your switch to monthly billing depends on when your freshwater provider sends us your usage data.  As a part of this move, we are also aligning your sewer bill more closely with your freshwater usage bill so that you can easily compare the data. This means that we have coordinated your water bill date with our sewer billing date to arrive at your new billing date for monthly billing.  Loves Park residents’ meters are read quarterly.  North Park customers are read bi-monthly.  This is why they will still stay on their existing billing cycles. 

Q: What will the transition/catch-up bill look like?

A: Each customer’s bill will appear slightly different.  This difference is defined by where you live and when we receive the data from your freshwater provider.   For example, if you live in Winnebago or if you have a well, your last quarterly bill will be sent on August 2, 2024, and your first monthly bill will be sent on September 6, 2024. If you live in Rockton, you will receive a quarterly bill in May, a two-month bill in August, and your first monthly bill in September.

Q: Can I elect to receive my bill quarterly, instead of monthly?

A: Except for Loves Park and North Park residents, quarterly or bi-monthly billing will no longer be an option. 

Q: Is this going to cost more money?

A: Your rates will not increase when we move to monthly billing.  If you would like to estimate how much your monthly bill would be, take your average quarterly bill and simply divide it by three.  This will help you to plan for the change in your bill.  While FRSA will see an increase in some fixed costs, such as postage and printing, we have also focused on improving business processes and updating our technology to minimize the impact of fixed costs to the customer. 

Q: What if I notice that my sewer bill is significantly higher than anticipated?

A: Call Customer Service at 815-387-7500. Your higher bill may be due to a leak or a significantly higher use of water, such as watering your lawn during a drought or doing more laundry when your college students are home for the summer. We will work with you to try to identify the reason for your increased bill.

Q: I am already behind on paying my sewer bill.  Will this affect my transition from quarterly billing to monthly billing?

A:  We encourage you to call Customer Service at 815-387-7500 to set up a payment plan.  Our Customer Service Representatives can assist you with setting up a plan or advise if you are eligible to apply to the Four Rivers Hardship program. 

Q:  The move to monthly billing means I have to buy more stamps and make additional trips to the mailbox. 

A:  You may want to sign up for an online billing portal for easier payment options.  This will allow you to sign up for e-billing and/or automatic checking withdrawal payments.  Please visit and select “Pay My Bill” to enroll.  You will need information from your most recent FRSA bill and your banking or credit card information to complete your enrollment.

If you need assistance with signing up for online payment, kiosks are available in the lobby of the FRSA Administration Building, 3501 Kishwaukee. The kiosks are located immediately to the right of the Customer Service window. Please call 815-387-7500 before your visit to ensure a Customer Service Representative is available to provide a tutorial. You will need your bill and your banking or credit card information to set up your account.

Kiosks are available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. Kiosks may be used for paying your sewer bill, applying for permits or applying for an open job posting at FRSA. Kiosks are on a secure network. Your information will not be saved or be viewed by any other user.

 Q: Am I required to enroll in email billing or automatic payment withdrawal?

A: No. Email and automatic payment withdrawal billing are optional for FRSA customers. These are additional ways to receive and pay your bill. Choose whichever option is most convenient to you.

Q: If I already have an automatic payment withdrawal, do I have to re-enroll when my bill switches to a monthly billing cycle?

A: No, but you may want to review your automatic payment to ensure you are comfortable with your selected payment option. Automatic payments can be made on the receipt date, that is the date your bill arrives, or on the due date, which is 21 days after the bill date.

Q: What do I have to do to prepare for this transition?

A: Nothing. Most customers will receive a bi-monthly (two-month) transition bill, and the monthly billing cycle will start the following month. You may sign up for automatic payment withdrawal and email billing if you choose to do so. Please visit and select “Pay My Bill” to enroll.  You will need your bill and your banking or credit card information to complete your enrollment. 

Q: Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

A: Call Customer Service at 815-387-7500 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.