2024 Rate Adjustment

Effective April 1, 2024, Four Rivers Sanitation Authority (FRSA) has adjusted user rates for residential, industrial and commercial customers.

The average residential customers’ wastewater bill will increase by approximately $1.04 per month for an average monthly rate of $35.74 which equates to a quarterly bill of approximately $107.22 for 18Ccf (or 13,465 gallons) of wastewater service.  The quarterly billing rate includes both the charge for volume; or the amount of wastewater assumed to be processed, plus a reduced customer charge of $ 8.47 per quarter.  Customers who use FRSA’s e-bill payment process will receive a $1.25 per bill credit toward that amount.

Rates for industrial and commercial customers will vary by the specific use and the characteristics of the wastewater the user discharges.  The rate for a residence on a private well is determined by the average municipal user rate for a like residence.

The annual rate increase reflects the need for FRSA to meet Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) mandates, which require that FRSA meet strict guidelines in eliminating phosphorus from wastewater; and the increasing costs in both the maintenance of an aging infrastructure and required capital improvement projects. For additional information, read the attached FAQ