The Rock River Water Reclamation District is now Four Rivers Sanitation Authority! website coming in October of 2021!

Effective immediately, the Rock River Water Reclamation District has adopted a new name and a new brand! We are now the Four Rivers Sanitation Authority (FRSA).

Our new name and logo tell the story. Four Rivers Sanitation Authority protects the watershed that feeds into the Rock, Kishwaukee, Pecatonica and Sugar Rivers.  These four rivers are also symbolized in the new brand in the four drops of water. The colors of the design were chosen to suggests a drop of water getting incrementally more pure – and that is exactly what happens at FRSA, before the water is discharged into the watershed.

“These rivers connect our community.” stated Executive Director Tim Hanson. “Whether it’s our use of biology to produce the methane we use to help run our plant, the bio-solid fertilizer we produce for use by local farmers, or our leadership role in the Rock River Watershed group, we take our commitment to protecting our environment very seriously.”

Every day, in the service of 77,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers, FRSA treats 40 million gallons of contaminated waste water – totaling 1.5 billion gallons each year. Every year, FRSA converts 11,000 tons of solid waste into a bio-solid fertilizer coveted by local farmers who apply the material to their feed corn and other crops for non-human consumption.

There is a lot of biology going at the plant on Kishwaukee Street. Trillions of tiny “bugs” break down the unsanitary waste that enters the plant and winds its way through the many buildings and processing tanks. The end result of this process is the methane gas FRSA uses to produce the electric energy that fuels about 70% of the plant’s daily operations. The final water product that is discharged into the Rock River not only meets, but exceeds the standards put into place by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (ILEPA).

“We are proud to help protect the Rock, Kishwaukee, Pecatonica and Sugar Rivers, which now symbolize our new name and brand. We pledge to continue our work to protect the environment and to provide the highest level of service to our customers.” Hanson concluded.

This website will acquaint you with Four Rivers Sanitation Authority’s current operation, funding, and future. Learn more about the plant’s history, pay your bill, and review current Invitations to Bid and Requests for Proposals.